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    Finding Hope

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Jake’s Place cat shelter and adoption center has an abundance of adoptable cats. Many of our cats were “scaredy cats” when first rescued; however, with time and lots of love and patience, the vast majority are now socialized and ready and waiting for a forever home.

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HFC receives no federal or state funds for support and is solely dependent upon fundraising events, adoption fees, foundation grants and private donations to support its cause. While monetary contributions sustain our charity there are dozens of other ways to help our mission.

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Meet the Cats: Looking for Homes

  • Satin

    This boy loves the attention of gentle humans. Friend/brother of Silky and a permanent resident at our shelter.

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  • Princess

    DLH tortie. She is a timid but sweet 3 year old lady. Her siblings are Chubby (Adopted) and Diva.

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  • Willie

    Four/five year old male who arrived with his friend Sprite. He needs a loving human.

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  • Remy

    This sweet lady loves people and needs a best friend.

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  • Elsa

    A tabby who is learning to trust. Her mom is Porky. She is a permanent resident at the shelter.

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  • Kammie

    This pretty DSH, blue cream tortie is friendly and loves a gentle human.

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  • Bernadette

    This 2 year old lady is learning to trust and loves to play with other cats.

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  • June

    A shy calico lady who is a permanent resident at the shelter.

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  • Diva

    A striking lady about 3 years of age. She arrived with her litter-mates Princess and Chubby.

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  • Porky

    A plus size, torbie, female who is a permanent resident at the shelter. Her grown kitten is Elsa.

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  • Honey Bee

    She is a 3 year old lady who gets along with other non aggressive cats and is a little shy with humans.

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  • Momma

    A five year old DSH female who is learning to trust humans. She is bonded with her pal Peggy.

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  • Daffy

    This 5 year old girly can be friendly and affectionate on her terms and is a lucky permanent resident at the shelter.

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  • Peggy

    A DLH female 13 years of age looking for a home with her best friend Momma. She is so sweet.

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  • Bandy

    One year old bonded brother of Scotch. A bit shy & reserved at first but loves attention.

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  • Wilma

    This sweet, petite lady loves on her terms and needs a patient human.

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  • Little Girl

    This skittish lady who is a permanent resident at our shelter.

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  • Rusty

    A sweet & shy, FIV+ buff tabby looking for a patient & loving human.

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  • Silky

    Friend/brother of Satin. Loves gentle humans and is a permanent resident at the shelter.

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  • Maury

    This sweet 2 year old boy has healed from his surgeries and is on special food and meds for urinary issues. He needs a special and understanding human to give him the attention he craves.

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  • Magoo

    He is a 3 year old male looking for his forever family.  He has cataracts in both eyes, which limit his vision. 

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  • Emma

    A sweet 7 year old lady who loves pets.

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  • Gabby

    This older gal is a lucky permanent resident at our shelter.

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  • Scatter

    She is a 5 year old lady who can be timid, but is very sweet.

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  • Zed

    Shy male and his best friend is Dash. He has a white tuft on his chest and tummy and loves belly rubs.

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  • Prince

    This almost `1 year boy is a super sweet lap kitty. He loves to give kisses.

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  • Grant

    This striped male was found by Buffalo State students in an abandoned house. He needs low stimulation and is a permanent resident at the shelter.

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  • Pepper

    DLH male and bit shy with humans but loves other cats.

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  • Slim

    He is a very friendly, 2 year old, unique, ticked tabby.

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  • Scotch

    One year old bonded brother of Bandy. He loves humans but can be a bit shy at first.

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