Our Cats

Jake’s Place cat shelter and adoption center has an abundance of adoptable cats. Many of our cats were “scaredy cats” when first rescued; however, with time and lots of love and patience, the vast majority are now socialized and ready and waiting for a forever home.

Some do have special needs, which are identified in their description. None of these needs are severe, and the Jake’s Place volunteers will always be available to answer any questions you might have.

Our Boy Cats

Featured are the Jake’s Place adoptable male cats, all of whom are neutered. Most get along well with all the cats in the shelter. We have amazingly few disputes among our cats. However, some of these males would be best as the only male cat in a household, as the only pet of any type, with other cats but no dogs, or in a household without children. They will be identified as such in their description. These cats have histories as varied as any human, so they have different comfort levels depending on their specific past circumstances.

Our Girl Cats

We currently feature our adoptable female cats, all of whom are spayed. With a very few exceptions, our females get along very well with the other cats. Even so, like the males, there are some who would do best in certain situations, and we will make every effort to match them to the home that suits their needs.

Our FIV+ Cats

Featured are our adoptable cats who are positive for the FIV virus (FIV+). This does NOT mean they are sick. It only means that, compared to FIV- cats, their immune systems may be somewhat compromised, making them more easily susceptible to infections and sometimes more resistant to treatment. With lysine in their diet and other prophylactic measures they can have a healthy and happy life. They cannot infect humans or dogs, but can pass the FIV virus to other cats if they bite. These cats would be ideal for a single pet household and make wonderful companions.