About Hope for Cats, Inc.

Hope for Cats, Inc. is a nonprofit 501c3, NYS Agriculture & Market registration number RR272, volunteer-run organization which administers Jake’s Place, a cat shelter and adoption center serving the Buffalo, NY metropolitan area and surrounding suburbs. Hope for Cats believes that every cat deserves a forever home where they will be loved, safe and healthy. Hope for Cats applies and promotes a policy of spaying or neutering, keeping cats indoors for their safety and discouragement of declawing. Hope for Cats provides a lifetime return policy for our cats should things not work out in an adopting home.

Hope for Cats, Inc. (HFC) receives no federal or state funds for support and is solely dependent upon fundraising events, adoption fees, foundation grants and private donations to support its cause. One hundred percent of raised funds and donations are used to purchase food, supplies and provide veterinary care for the cats we shelter at Jake’s Place and in foster homes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to shelter, nurture, and socialize abandoned and homeless cats in a loving, home-like environment until they can be adopted to their forever homes.

Jake’s Place

Jake’s Place is a non profit 501c3, limited-admissions, no-kill, cage-free cat shelter and adoption center. Each cat remains in our care, either at Jake’s Place or in a foster home, until being placed into their forever home. All of our cats are spayed or neutered and receive their necessary vaccines. Every cat is given a thorough check-up each day to identify any potential health problems. Jake’s Place has a daily schedule of feeders, cleaners, and health checkers who see to the needs of the cats and keep them clean, healthy and happy in a loving, home-like environment. Jake’s Place has many wonderful and adoptable cats waiting for their very own forever home. The adoption donation is $80, and includes a “2-fur-1” opportunity.

Senior Cats for Seniors Program

Cats make wonderful companions for senior citizens, providing health-enhancing benefits that have been clearly documented in medical literature. Older cats are a good match since they are more likely to be less rambunctious and less demanding than younger cats. HFC offers seniors the opportunity to adopt one of our cats at a reduced cost.