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Cats For Adoption

Jake's Place cat shelter and adoption center has an abundance of adoptable cats. Many of our cats were "scaredy cats" when first rescued; however, with time and lots of love and patience, the vast majority are now socialized and ready and waiting for a forever home. Click on the links to the left to be introduced to our cats. Some do have special needs, which are identified in their description. None of these needs are severe, and the Jake's Place volunteers will always be available to answer any questions you might have.
You may also want to visit a few of our felines at our adoption partner Tabby Town, McKinley Mall, 3701 McKinley Parkway, Blasdell, NY.

Our Boys

Featured are the Jake's Place adoptable male cats, all of whom are neutered. Most get along well with all the cats in the shelter. We have amazingly few disputes among our cats. However, some of these males would be best as the only male cat in a household, as the only pet of any type, with other cats but no dogs, or in a household without children. They will be identified as such in their description. These cats have histories as varied as any human, so they have different comfort levels depending on their specific past circumstances.


Our Girls

We currently feature our adoptable female cats, all of whom are spayed. With a very few exceptions, our females get along very well with the other cats. Even so, like the males, there are some who would do best in certain situations, and we will make every effort to match them to the home that suits their needs.


Our FIV+ Cats

Featured are our adoptable cats who are positive for the FIV virus (FIV+). This does NOT mean they are sick. It only means that, compared to FIV- cats, their immune systems may be somewhat compromised, making them more easily susceptible to infections and sometimes more resistant to treatment. With lysine in their diet and other prophylactic measures they can have a healthy and happy life. They cannot infect humans or dogs, but can pass the FIV virus to other cats if they bite. These cats would be ideal for a single pet household and make wonderful companions.

If you have questions about or are interested in any of our cats, please contact us by phone or email and a volunteer will be happy to assist you. If you are considering adoption, please complete and submit the Adoption Application and a volunteer will contact you to complete the adoption process.



  A large, handsome male who is a bit skittish at first. He gets along with other cats and loves a good scratch.


She a 7 year old, front declaw, plus size beauty.
Photo coming
He is a sweet and slightly timid young man.
Sweet, older, talkative girl with golden fur.
This handsome boy is a little skittish and needs a patient home. You will be rewarded with a lifetime of love. Healthy FIV+
Petite black female. Very playful and friendly. Loves to eat!
A sweet, large 10 year old guy with lots of love to give.
Male, FIV+.  A stray before he came to HFC and is now our Ambassador.  He enjoys having his chin scratched, but trembles when you pet his body.  He needs a patient home, one who understands he may need time to adjust. He gets along great with other cats.

Princess & Chubby
Handsome but timid orange and white male who is about 2. His siblings are Princess (shown) and Diva.
Male, 2 years old (approx) who was a stray before he found his way to HFC.  Something must have happened in his past to make him dislike human interaction.  Stubborn or not...he needs a patient and loving home without small children.  He gets along well with other cats.  His sister is Raven.

This 2 year old girly can be friendly and affectionate but may need some time to adjust to a new home.  She likes to be loved on her terms.
A timid female who is learning to trust humans.  Needs low stimulation and a patient human to take a chance.
A female found as a stray who is still a little skittish and needs a home with patient humans.
Male, all black, sweet shy and arrived with his friend Zed. He loves tummy rubs.

A striking lady about 2 years of age.  She arrived with her litter-mates Princess and Chubby.
Female and Hurricane Katrina survivor. She is very friendly and likes attention. She was adopted and returned because she was traumatized by the move to her new home. She has been through so much in her life and will remain a resident at Jakes Place.
A tabby who is learning to trust. Her mom is Porky.
A 2 year old nice boy who arrived with Scatter. Super sweet and loves a good chin scratch. FIV+
She is a very quiet and shy lady. She really enjoys her canned food treat!
This sweet former barn cat has had more than his fair share of bad luck. He is a wonderful and loving young kitty. Loves other non aggressive cats. Healthy FIV+
This striped male was found by Buffalo State students in an abandoned house.  He needs low stimulation.
A sweet and handsome young male looking for a loving home.
A dark brown, male tabby who is about three years old. He is plus sized love bug.
A shy calico lady who would thrive in a quiet home with low stimulation.
This pretty dsh, blue cream tortie is friendly and loves a gentle human.

Young adult long-haired tuxedo female. She is a truly beautiful cat with a long silky coat. She is a very sweet cat with a gentle nature, but because of her life on the streets she is still a little timid. A quiet home and gentle human would be best. She gets along fine with non-aggressive cats.
This boy loves to talk and be close to you. His extra toes give you more to love FIV+.
Sister to Primrose. Sweet and loves to talk.

 Lolli Pop
She is a gorgeous 8-9 year old girl. But that does not define her. She is fun, loving and would like a patient human.


A dsh orange female around 1 & 1/2 years old.  She loves attention.

Sweet Molly crossed over the Raibow Bridge and was loved.
This pretty lady is around 10-15 years of age and arrived with her friend Toby. Their world was turned upside down when their frail owner could no longer care for them.

Sweet, learning to trust humans. Needs a patient and understanding home.
A handsome polydactyl who will remain a loving resident of Jakes Place, and will be spoiled.


This 4 year old boy is the son of Chester. Shy & timid but his personality is developing.
Sister to Lily. Sweet but timid and likes a good rub.
 Princess & Chubby

DLH tortie. She is a timid but sweet 2 year old lady.  Her siblings are Chubby (right) and Diva (not shown).
Petite, 12 year old tortie who arrived at HFC after her owner died.  This sweet & loving lady came from a quiet home and would love a laid back life style.
A plus size, torbie, female who is learning to trust. Her grown kitten is Elsa.
Very timid black female who prefers low stimulation. Sister to Crowe (M).

8/9 year old DSH with a white tail tip.  When her favorite human died, her family decided they no longer wanted her.  She is sweet & quiet.  She will be your best friend.
Sweet Sassy crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and will be missed...

A pretty little female who is timid and learning to trust people.
This boy loves the attention of gentle humans. Friend/brother of Silky.
A 6/7 year old, shy, medium haired lady who needed a good grooming. She arrived with her friend Tommie, is healthy and is now up to date on her shots. More info to follow.
She is the 2 year old sister or mother of handsome Flash. She can be timid but is very sweet.
Friend/brother of Satin. Loves gentle humans.

Miss Smokey is an eleven year old petite lady. She is a talker who loves attention.
A timid but curious female who is learning to trust people. She gets along well with other cats.  Her best friend was Brutus.
A one year old female who arrived with her friend Willie. She will need a quiet home with no small children and a patient, loving human.
DSH tan tabby. She was rescued by a volunteer and was very pregnant at the time.  She had her kittens who were all adopted and now it is her turn to find a forever home. She is a quiet girl who needs a patient human to love and spoil her. FIV+
Six/seven year old polydactyl. She is a sweet and loving lady who lost her human. Her companions found homes. Will you give her a forever home?

Two/three year old male who arrived with his friend Sprite.  He needs a loving human.
A male tabby with personality. Would like a patient human to feed and worship him.
Shy male and his best friend is Dash. He has a white tuft on his chest and tummy and loves belly rubs.