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Things to Consider Before & After You've Adopted a Cat

* First and foremost, be sure you are ready to make a long-term commitment to love and care for a cat and can also afford to do so.

* Use a cat carrier to bring the cat home. No exceptions.

* Prepare a room where the cat can live for the first few days to get acclimated to you and your home. Provide a litter box, cat bed, water bowl, and good quality cat food.

* Do not make too many demands on your new cat until it has a chance to get used to you and the new home.

* Prepare any children by reminding them to speak softly and to be gentle with the cat. Introduce them to the new cat one child at a time.

* If you already have another cat, do not force the two of them to interact. Do not leave them alone together until they have made their peace with each other.

* Each cat should have their own litter box, food, and water.

* Give your first cat extra attention to minimize any jealousy.

* Provide several scratching posts and keep claws trimmed.

* Find a good vet to spay or neuter your cat (if not already) & to provide preventive health care.

* Love and enjoy your cat. 

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