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Hope for Cats, Inc. Adoption Application

If you are interested in adopting one of our cats, you may contact us to visit Jake's Place and complete an application there, or you can submit your application online and we will contact you to complete the interview process by phone and make arrangements for your visit.

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Name(s) of cat(s) of interest (if known):

We greatly appreciate your interest in adopting one or more of our cats. Please answer all of the following questions and, when completed, type your name as an electronic signature and fill in the date. Click the "Submit Application" button at the bottom. Thank you!

1. Are you at least 18 years of age? yes no

2. Do you own or rent your home? own rent

If you rent, does your lease specifically allow cats? yes no

3. Do you have children in your home? yes no

If yes, please specify their ages:

4. Do you currently have other pets in your home? yes no

If no, please skip to Question 6

If yes, please specify types and number of each:

5. Where do you take your pets for veterinary care?

6. If you own (or have ever owned) cats and/or dogs, were they all spayed or neutered?

yes no not all never owned a cat or dog

7. Have you ever had a cat declawed? yes no never owned a cat

8. Have you ever allowed a cat to roam outside on its own? yes no never owned a cat

9. If you adopt from HFC, do you plan to have the cat declawed? yes no

10. Do you currently own a pet carrier? yes no

11. Do you frequently, or for long periods of time, travel away from home for business or pleasure?
yes no

12. Are you willing and financially able to make a life-long commitment to an adopted cat?
yes no

13. Should you be unable to keep a cat or cats that you adopt from HFC, do you agree to return the cat(s) to HFC? yes no

I affirm that the information I have provided on this application is true and correct.

Type in your full name as signature above

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(If you are having trouble submitting your application, please be sure the 'www.' appears before 'hopeforcatsinc.com' in the web site url. Thanks!)